Restaurants in Bertrange

Close to Centre ARCA:

    • The bakery in Bertrange, just around the corner from the bus stop, across the street from the Church has amazing baked goods, rich quiche lorraine, and lovely coffee. And the women who work there are really kind and friendly.
    • The Restaurant club House La Raquette (next  to ARCA) serves «menu du jour» for 10 €  ( including water) . If you want something else, the “à la carte” is available)
    • Café- Restaurent am Bureck , next to the post office, next to the Church,  serves “menus du jour” for 10€ .
    • WANG TONG ET SUSHI, 45 Rue de Luxembourg, L-8077 Bertrange, serves chinese main dish for 10€, chinese menu with entrée +main dish + dessert for 12€50, Sushi à volonté for 15€
    • RESTAURANT BRASSERIE DES SPORTS. Restaurant. Tél : 31 09 70 1, Rue de l’Industrie L-8069 BERTRANGE. Closed on tuesdays  and wednesdays evening. Serves a «menu du jour» for 11 €
    • RESTAURANT NEW WORLD. Phone : 31 82 95. Fax number : 31 65 11 2, rue de Strassen L-8051 BERTRANGE. Closed days : Saturday noon. Cuisine : Asian. Plat du jour. Buffet à volonté (15€80)

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